New York Times - Florence Fabricant
"as a sampling of AmeriPure Louisiana oysters alongside Long Island bluepoints confirmed, the AmeriPure oysters were plumper, sweeter and less briny than the bluepoints.”

Chicago Sun Times - Lezli Bitterman
"But there is a new light on the Gulf Coast oyster horizon. Enter the AmeriPure Process..."

Joe's Stone Crab - Amy Smith, Executive Chef
"We discovered AmeriPure at the Boston Seafood Show in 1997 and decided to put raw oysters back on the menu. We're glad we did because our customers love their taste and I love the yield we get from AmeriPure."

Commander's Palace - Ti Martin
"We've been selling raw oysters in my family for 50 years. And I was impressed with the flavor of these oysters. I really was. They had a strong flavor of the sea which, to me, is what I'm looking for. I don't want it to be some purified something. I want to know it's an oyster. And these were really good."

US News and World Report July, 1997
"A proven process that kills bacteria in the shell has given the industry hope. AmeriPure Oysters [is] the company that developed the technique."

Ralph & Kacoo's Seafood Restaurants
- Patrick Prudhomme, Executive VP
"Since our seven restaurants switched to AmeriPure Oysters, our customers have told us through their increased purchases of raw oysters that they are more confident in the safety of the product and more than satisfied with their taste. For the first time in eight years, sales of raw oysters as a percent of total sales have begun to trend upward."